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Bidfood, Brexit & Borders – The New Year

 Borders & Brexit

As explained in our previous update, as the country approaches  the end of the transition period, Bidfood have been fully focused on ensuring that they are in a strong position. With robust planning they have been able to minimise any disruption to supply of products to customers, and provide them with the information needed to plan and prepare for whatever the outcome of  the negotiations may be.

With only two weeks to go, there is no trade agreement in place between the UK and the EU,  hope remains that a deal could still be agreed before the end of December. However even if this is not the case, things will inevitably change from 31st December, and without appropriate customs documentation and processes in place,  goods will not cross the border and enter the UK from the EU.

As shown in the media in recent weeks in relation to COVID-19 procedures borders with EU countries and the UK have been closed. Thus stopping the flow of freights, ships and goods to and from the UK.  This is causing significant delays and worries before Brexit has even begun. With the on-going pandemic and the continued pressure with time becoming scarce it is more and more likely that as of January 2021 the UK will begin its independence on a very rocky road.

The Brexit team within Bidfood, which combines the expertise of senior colleagues across the business including the Senior Leadership Team, have built plans that are based on the Government’s reasonable worst case scenario of what reductions in vehicle flows could look like between Calais to Dover which are:

  • 45-65% of normal flow rates for first three months
  • 50-70% of normal flow rates for the next three to six months
  • a further period of approximately six months before a return to normal flow rates.

A good indication of how this could happen will be to see the work of the French and UK Government in the next few days. The closing of Borders could be a precursor for things to come in a post-Brexit no deal scenario. As mentioned previously only time will tell, however having planning, risk assessments and contingency plans in place will help mitigate any impact on supply and stock.

What is certain is that after the festive period and into the New Year Britain will be a much different place to where it was today. It will be an interesting turning point for both the UK and the EU and it’s countries, if successful the UK will show that independence from the group is possible but at what cost? Slowly but surely the pandemic will cease and Brexit will become the focus of the country for years to come.

From all of the team at Greetwell Purchasing Solutions we hope you have a great Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.