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Frequently Asked Questions

No. You can take full advantage of our services without any charge.

Absolutely. Neither Greetwell Purchasing Solutions nor the supplier will charge a fee to access our pricing. You benefit from all the savings achieved.

We are paid a commission from our supplier base.

No, we do not ask you to sign a contract. We hope you will stay with us and take advantage of our services for many years.

Often you will continue to order your goods in the same way as before, from the same suppliers. Payment will also remain as before, the commercial benefits are automatically applied to your account number. If you decide to change supplier on our recommendation we make the process as seamless as possible and use our years of experience to assist you all the way resulting in the absolute minimum disruption to your operation.

No problem, simply send us copies of your latest invoices from whatever expenditure you want assessed. We can quickly and accurately present the results in a simple fashion.

Most of the suppliers we use will be well known to you and are national market leading wholesalers. We would not recommend any suppliers that do not meet the current legislation. We also hold on file all the suppliers accreditation for our customers peace of mind.