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Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy – Updated May 2024

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of all who visit our website & use our service.

Please read our policy to fully understand what information we gather and how we use it. This policy was recently updated in October of 2019. We regularly update this page so please make sure to check this when possible.


As a company we focus on 5 key aspects: who, what, when, where and why we use and store your information.


(1) Who

Our website is accessible by anyone. Which means we have the option to, if offered (entered by the user); collect your personal information. By opening our website our analytics partner tracks the location you’ve opened it from. By choosing to work with Greetwell Purchasing Solutions you consent to us holding your information for contact purposes. After a certain period, if you are not a trading customer with Greetwell Purchasing  Solutions (8 years), we delete this information as it is not needed for the legitimacy of our business.


Who we share your information with is as follows:

Ø  Suppliers

Ø  Colleagues

Ø  Customer Services

Ø  Third party software (such as Mail Chimp & Google Analytics)

Ø  Social Media (only if re-tweeting or sharing any previously agreed content)

Ø  Business partners (for example, suppliers such as Bidfood), account managers, or others who are a part of providing your products and services or operating our business.


(2) What

By visiting our Website, you are not required to provide any personal information. However, contact forms do request for you to fill in your name and email address.

Greetwell Purchasing Solutions holds the following personal information:

Ø  First & Surname

Ø  Business Tel Number / Email Addresses

Ø  Occupation / Job Title / Employer

Ø  Office Address

Ø  Recording of purchases made with suppliers (old & new) *


*Purchasing Records

On the rare occasions if you agree for us to hold or transfer your credit history information to prospective customers. We delete this information after our 8-year period to comply with the guidelines from HMRC.


(3) When

There are several methods as to when/how we collect your information:

Ø  Cookies*

Ø  Contact us forms / email signups

Ø  Conversations

Ø  Agreeing to work with us

Ø  Newsletter Sign up

This information is then recorded and stored via our databases which only employees of Greetwell Purchasing Solutions can access.



Certain data may be collected by “cookies”, which are temporary internet files placed on your computer’s hard drive by your web browser. This allows us to collect information such as time spent on our website and the pages visited. This information is held anonymously via our Google Analytics.


(4) Where

All collected information is only used for contact and legitimate business purposes and it is stored in numerous formats be it paper or electronically. We use CRMs and Online Portals which hold this information.


Where this information is used:

Ø  Responding to Requests via email or telephone

Ø  Newsletters & Mailing Lists

Ø  Promotions / market updates / price changes

Ø  Monthly Reports

Ø  Supplier Feedback & Support


Where this information is stored:

Ø  Shared Drives (OneDrive)*

Ø  Online CRM Database**

Ø  Spreadsheets (such as MailChimp)



OneDrive storage is a third-party software where our spreadsheets & documents are protected and stored. This ensures that only employees within Greetwell Purchasing Solutions whom have the correct privileges may access these files.


**CRM Databases

We currently store all our information within an online CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database. This is securely accessed only by employees of Greetwell Purchasing Solutions. This form of database follows all our other policies and has no exceptions to the handling and storing of your personal and private information.

In some instances your contact email address will be used as a form of direct contact from one of these databases for Customer Services / Support purposes to recover usernames, passwords and other possible sensitive and confidential information that we do not need to see or hold.


Please note: We never sell information from our databases.


(5) Why

We store and use your information for legitimate business practice:

(A) To perform our day to day business activities:

1. Manage and Update your account

2. Contact you when necessary


(B) Your own interests and confidence:

  1. Accounting & Managing your monthly spend
  2. Record & Monitor all correspondence
  3. Inform on promotions & market updates as per your consent


(C) Meet our Legal obligation:

  1. To exercise your rights under the Data Protection Act (1998)
  2. Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Requirements such as the Privacy & Electronic Communication Regulation (PECR 2003) and the General Data Protection Regulation (2016) which is now enforceable as of May 2018
  3. To verify your identity when needed for issuing credits, invoices and written documentation
  4. To monitor calls, texts, email, social media and any other correspondence to update our records for business and evidence purposes
  5. For reference purposes, be it employment, credit history or job referral


If you are uncomfortable with the information stored, you can ask us to delete the information, you also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.  It has enforcement powers and can investigate compliance with data protection laws.  More information about the Information Commissioner’s Office can be found on their website.


External Websites

We may provide you with links to websites which are not under the control of Greetwell Purchasing Solutions.  These links are solely for your convenience and do not represent any views held by Greetwell Purchasing Solutions. We accept no responsibility or liability for the contents of these websites.


Generative AI

As a company we occasionally use generative AI such as ChatGPT and Microsoft CoPilot to produce and re-interpret information. This content is always checked before being shared on any format (email, social media) to ensure the content produced has human interaction. This information both given and produced will never contain or use your personal information.

Greetwell Guidelines on AI can be accessed here


Consent & Review

Upon the approval of your consent we will send you marketing messages in the form of email.

Please note: That you are free to unsubscribe from this service at any time through our email service (Mail Chimp) at the bottom of each message. Be aware that by doing this we may not be able to provide our service at the highest level possible.


If you require your record to be removed or amended, please write to:

The Data Protection Officer, Greetwell Purchasing Solutions, Greetwell Place, 2 Lime Kiln Way, Lincoln, LN2 4US

Or alternatively contact our team on

We will aim to provide the information to you within 28 days of your request.


Please note: We do have the right to charge a fee if we feel this course of action is becoming persistent.