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Border Controls and Timetables – March 2021

Through March the UK Government has provided further information on the upcoming border control changes. Businesses across the country are continuing to focus on their recovery from the on-going COVID pandemic. Thankfully the Government have listened and are now introducing full border control processes six months later than originally planned. Please continue to read if you wish to read the revised timetable.

From 1st October 2021

● Pre-notification requirements will be required for products of animal origin, high risk food
not of animal origin (HRFNAO) and certain animal by products.

● Export health certificates will be required for products of animal origin and certain animal


From 1 January 2022

● Safety and Security declarations for imported goods will be required.

● Physical SPS checks for products of animal origin, certain animal by-products, HRFNAO
and high risk plants will take place at Border Control Posts.

● Prenotification requirements and documentary checks, including phytosanitary certificates
will be introduced for low risk plants and plant products.

● Customs declarations on all goods will be required at the point of import and businesses
will no longer be able to use the deferred declaration scheme.


From 1 March 2022

● Checks at Border Control Posts will take place on live animals, low risk plants and plant

These new measures are to allow businesses time to prepare for these upcoming changes at the border and to minimise disruption as the economy begins to gradually re-adjust. That being said the scale and significance of the last year on Businesses will not be fully noticeable until we see a gradual return to normality. Many companies have invested huge amounts of  time and energy into fully preparing for the Border changes and therefore allowing more will give them more time to adjust.

The economy will need time to recover from the last year and all companies are making their own preparations to help mitigate any disruption as they have done since the start of Brexit Discussion. If you’d like any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us or your suppliers directly with any questions you have.

All information taken from HM Governments UK Transition BORDER CONTROLS STATEMENT 12th March 2021