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Brexit and Bidfood – Future Planning

Brexit Update

Over recent months Bidfood have focussed their attention on managing the impact of Covid-19; due to its significant impact on the hospitality sector in the UK. At the same time there have been further developments in the looming Brexit deadline. With the transition period ending in December of this year the UK will leave the EU Single Market and Customs Union. Alongside this many legal aspects of the UK’s membership will also cease to exist. The negotiations for these agreements began in March of this year; more recently however on the 13th July the government have outlined further details into border controls and immigration. The following two approaches will come into effect as of the 1st January 2021:

  • Time for industries to make necessary arrangements through the introduction of new border controls in three stages up until July 2021.
  • A new points based immigration system which will treat EU and non-EU citizens equally.

Both of the above policies and ideas can be explored further on the official UK Government pages which can be accessed via the blue hyperlinks provided.


What about Bidfood

With plans and preparations already in place Bidfood are very confident in their approach to Brexit. Vast experience and robust self-assessments have allowed the supplier to continue to provide the highest quality of service possible during these strange times of uncertainty. Preparations were already in place for a ‘worst case’ scenario which in Bidfood’s ideology would be a no deal. Thankfully they have continued to respond and adapt to Government guidelines with the re-established ‘Brexit planning team’.

As part of these strategies and company policies Bidfood are constantly updating their information for their Customer base:

  1. Risk assessments on all core-ranges of products
  2. Risk assessments on country-of-origin and product importance; this includes rate of sale and critical individual products to sectors such as education and healthcare.
  3. Overlay stock holding, alternative products and seasonal products whilst tracking the impacts of tariffs.

For clarity these strategies include Bidfoods’ entire product range. Once clear understanding of all the risks are assessed they will implement actions and contingency plans whilst paying particular attention to supplied sectors such as, education, healthcare and prisons.

Having a shared partnership with Bidfood we will continue to update all our client base on a regular basis when possible. As we get ever closer to the exit date we will continue to provide support, information and reports to you.