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A perfectly paired partnership

A perfectly paired partnership with healthy school meals provider Good Lookin Cookin

Fewer than 1% of packed lunch boxes meet the government guidelines which caterers must abide by to ensure that children get the nutrients they need*. Greetwell Purchasing Solutions has helped Good Lookin Cookin provide the highest standard, healthy school meals to children across the UK since 2020, providing operational expertise through a network of dedicated suppliers.

All children aged 4-6 in the UK now receive free school meals (FSM); a hot, nutritionally-balanced meal to ensure that they are energised, well- fed, and able to learn at their best. Good Lookin Cookin is a dedicated FSM supplier to more than - 30 schools across the country, with menus that are designed to meet school meal legislation and are regularly analysed to ensure that they contain reduced sugar, salt, and fat. Their menus are often updated to provide a wealth of choice, which encourages healthy eating from an early age.

Locally sourced and sustainable, a nourishing two-course meal from Good Lookin Cookin costs as little as £2.30 per child per day - great value which is helped to stay at a reliably low cost by Greetwell Purchasing Solutions and its connections to specialist industry suppliers.

James Clarke, general manager at Good Lookin Cookin:

“We’re delighted to have Greetwell Purchasing as a partner and the peace of mind this brings.”

“Our relationship with Greetwell is almost as if they are another department of the business. The ability to contact them at a moment’s notice, prompt replies, and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure that we receive products when required is first-rate. The relaxed, skillful approach to business means a personal touch to all interactions as well as true professionalism.

“Greetwell offers a bespoke, tailored approach to buying. As our sector’s buying patterns differ slightly from a regular catering outlet, Greetwell and its team recognised this early on in our consultation and the results have been fantastic. The team’s experience and contacts can mean a higher level of interaction than dealing directly with suppliers.

“Using Greetwell’s services adds value by creating saving opportunities across our entire purchasing portfolio. Taking previous costing exercises off our workload also frees staff and management time, which benefits the business elsewhere. The regular analysis reports they provide offer a quick and easy oversight of spending. On- hand personal account managers mean that no items are purchased without prices being in place. On occasions product lines are purchased without prices in place, credits are raised and specific prices allocated - all of which saves the business time and money. It also enables last- minute orders to be placed without the fear of overspending.

Steve Gibson, managing director at Greetwell Purchasing Solutions:

“We’re thrilled to support businesses like Good Lookin Cookin by providing access to our ever- expanding network of reliable catering and food suppliers.

“Far more than the clear commercial benefits of working with us, the value we add to their offering is much more deep-seated than saving them money on their bottom line. We work in partnership with their hardworking team to offer guidance and direction on purchasing agreements, negotiating price points for core costs, and making discerning suggestions about which preferred suppliers are best placed to fulfill orders based on their changing needs.

“Greetwell Purchasing Solutions has an incredibly informed and intuitive approach to purchasing - we do far more than observe the data and anticipate trends and opportunities to minimise expenditure. We ensure that we’re supporting businesses by enabling access to high-quality, ethically-sourced foods and supplies every step of the way.

“For every menu for each school served by Good Lookin Cookin, we work hand-in-hand with them to ensure that the underlying ingredient in each of their dishes is unquestionable quality.”