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Making Sense of Natasha’s Law

Natasha’s Law

Natasha’s Law will soon become a core focus of the Food Industry. As of October 2021 Businesses’ who sell food which is pre-packaged will now have to show two things. Firstly a list of ingredients used to create the food items and secondly a clear indication of any allergens said food items may contain, highlighted in bold text.

This change is huge in scale and will effect retailers, schools, hospitals, contract caterers, suppliers to name a few. In fact anybody who prepares food on site or for sale will have to abide to these new regulations. With only 6-months left to prepare it is crucial for all to understand these changes and how to prepare.



At Bidfood, we want to provide the advice and support that we can to our customers whilst the industry navigates these changes in legislation. That’s why we’ll be providing a series of useful content which we hope will dispel myths and provide clarity. Watch part one of our two-part webinar series focusing specifically on Natasha’s Law with UK Hospitality. One such example is our YouTube videos ‘Preparing for Natasha’s Law’ which can be found here.

Alongside these videos we have a vast library of content for you to explore, pulling together information, advice and examples to help make sense of Natasha’s Law. They come in a variety of formats from Webinars to PDF guides which can all be accessed from the Bidfood website linked here.



Labelling is an ideal way to highlight key information and ensure that food safety regulations are complied with. As the new law is enforced it will become a necessary practice for business to provide clear and correct information. Please take a read of the new food labelling guide at the bottom of this page for examples and guidelines. With less than one month left until legislation is in place it is of paramount importance to understand the changes before they happen.


Click here to access the Bidfood – Helping you with Labelling booklet