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Legislation has put increased focus on school catering, and abiding by the guidelines is more difficult than ever. We help schools achieve the right balance between choice, value and encouraging school meal uptake.

Our expertise also covers higher education and our aim is to find the right balance between tasty meals and the catering budgets held by these institutions. We recognise that higher education canteens are often competing with other local food outlets but that by offering innovative concepts we help our clients enhance their customer experience and loyalty.

Leading Standards

Working closely with catering and facilities managers,we strive to provide comprehensive, great value and appropriate suppliers and products while always considering food-based and nutrient-based standards.

Specialist Expertise

To achieve a well-balanced and healthy diet we all need to eat the right amount of different foods in varying proportions. The Eatwell Plate Tray is a great way of presenting the message to staff and students alike. Contact us to receive your complimentary tray.*

*Please note, the tray will be delivered in person at the presentation of our purchasing analysis.

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