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Brexit and Bidfood – January 2020

The January 31st deadline for when the UK is due to exit from the EU is just around the corner. Bidfood feel that it is important to clarify their current position and plans post Brexit.

Currently the UK and the EU have agreed a deal. The Withdrawal Agreement Bill has now been ratified by the UK Parliament and is now with the House of Lords. Whilst there are still some hurdles to overcome we expect the Government to be able to complete its commitment to exit the EU at the end of January; without the need for any further extensions. Due to this the risk of what Bidfood have considered a ‘worst case’ scenario is now minimal.

This means that the UK and the EU will now enter a transition phase which will end at the earliest on December 31st 2020. As such, there will be no major change to our existing working practices up until this point; for example on customs arrangements. Whilst the principles of our exit have been agreed, the details behind this will be negotiated during the transition phase. However, depending on how these negotiations progress, we may see currency fluctuations through the year.

Bidfood will therefore release all contingency stock back into its supply chain and will also continue to monitor the detail of any agreed deal with the EU. Bidfood will also work closely with Government, industry bodies and other key stakeholders. To represent the interests of our customers.

Furthermore, Bidfood will provide updates to you as more detail becomes clear. This relies on the outcome of the negotiations as they proceed throughout the year.

There still remains a potential, albeit unlikely risk of a no deal Brexit. Should the UK not agree upon a trade deal with the EU and no extension to the transition period. Bidfood will continue to monitor this nearer the time. Where necessary further contingency plans will be put in place to minimise disruption. This is to ensure that Bidfood maintain excellent service at the highest level.