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British Food Fortnight (23rd September – 8th October)

This year Greetwell Purchasing Solutions are happy to support the British Food Fortnight.

2017 marks the 15th year of celebrations for the event. With our continued work within the food sector it is important to highlight Britain’s diverse footprint in the market. The aim of this event is to identify why we should be growing, cooking and celebrating home produce and to ‘Love British Food’.

Because this event is a celebration of British food, there are many opportunities for schools and businesses to benefit as well as helping spread the message.

Schools have a key role to play in helping their pupils identify and experience new and local ideas. Using British Food Fortnight as an entry point is a great way to cover difficult aspects of the curriculum. Hard to teach subjects such as Health, Cooking and Geography can all be encompassed in a new and exciting way. Teachers are encouraged to use the Love British Food website for ideas on lesson plans which can be accessed here.

Businesses such as restaurants will be able to use this period as a way to promote new ideas. It is a great way for you to highlight and name local producers of your food instead of branded labels. It is also huge if you plan on improving your PR to attract new customers as this event prides itself in its promotions. For further information please use this link.

British Food Fortnight is quickly approaching and all help is appreciated to help promote this national event. If you or a friend are thinking of taking part please do and help support the ‘Love British Food’ message.

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