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New Greetwell Menus & Food Inflation Updates

New Nutritional Menu

For the past few months Greetwell have been busy alongside our Nutritionist to create a completely new set of Menus for all of our Care Home clients. We had to ensure that our menu was nutritionally balanced and met the ever-changing National Criteria; but that it also offered quality meals.

We are happy to announce that these menus are available to all of our clients for free upon request.

However if you would like to sample our week one menu please click here.

UK Food Inflation

The end of May is finally here and with it we see more information on the Inflation of Food prices. Thanks to the weakness of the pound effecting import taxes Food Inflation rose at the fastest rate in three years. The British retail Consortium tracked around 500 everyday goods from April to May and found that it was inflated by 1.4% in May against 0.9% of the previous month. What may surprise you is that overall inflation including non-food items had fallen.

The difference in processed and fresh food inflation was also quite surprising. Throughout May processed foods saw the steepest rises reaching up to 1.8% a huge leap from April’s 0.8%. On the flip side Fresh Food inflation also continued with a 0.2% increase from April now hitting a 1.2% average.

The cause for this seems to lie with the plummeting of the pound; dropping by almost 16% since the Brexit vote a year ago. This in turn would increase the cost for businesses importing goods into the UK. BRC Chief Executive Helen Dickinson has stated:

“…the impact of the weaker pound has already started feeding through into food prices, although food price inflation this month is still well below the input cost price increases being faced by retailers…”

The trends for the foreseeable future show a slight increase in food inflation however that was also predicted for April and May. As usual more economic and political factors will have to be taken into account with the General election on our doorstep and lets not forget the weather. Overall it seems as if the food market is trying to stabilize itself as best as possible in regards to the situation and will continue to fluctuate accordingly.

Healthcare Forum 2017

Greetwell once again has the opportunity to meet other business’ & individuals in the Private Healthcare sector at the 2017 Healthcare Forum. This year the teams Director Steve Gibson is attending to ensure we stay up-to-date with the latest news and industry legislation and continuing Greetwell’s network with other industry leaders.