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Victory in Europe Day – 75 Year Celebrations

It’s a very difficult time for everyone at the moment and it feels like there isn’t much to be celebrating; but let’s not allow it to cloud our historic past. This Friday we will be commemorating 75 years since the end of World War Two, a hugely important milestone to reflect on.

Care Homes

With the Care sector taking the brunt of the pandemic it’s vital to encourage positivity and awareness to keep spirits high. Both Residents and staff alike within the industry are under constant pressure to ensure things remain somewhat ‘normal’. With VE day swiftly approaching it is a great way to start communicating about personal history.

Many care homes residents and family members will remember the end of the War. It’s nice for residents to have a reason to celebrate, even more so in times of uncertainty. With Social distancing still in affect try to encourage different activities involving: music, story telling and questioning; which will help cognitive development and social interaction.

Alternatively why not focus on a twist on a few traditional recipes. Finger food for residents is always a great way to encourage a more ‘interactive’ eating occasion, with many residents having to self isolate in a room. For example an afternoon tea in which someone can physically touch and see what they are eating is great stimulation.

For a selection of recipe and menu ideas please click here.



As mentioned earlier the VE day celebrations are integrated into our national heritage.  Friday the 8th May marks the formal surrender of Germany and the end of the war. On this day 75 years ago millions of people gathered the streets to celebrate. With socialising currently on standby there are a number of activities and resources available for us at home.

It’s a great time to share stories and interact with each other as best as possible during these social distancing measures. We highly recommend a visit to the English Heritage website to explore some of the many ways you can celebrate this monumental occasion from the comfort of your home.

Here at Greetwell Purchasing, we will continue to monitor the on-going situation in the foodservice sector and update and provide information accordingly. If you require any assistance during this time please don’t hesitate to contact us.