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Tackling Coronavirus in Foodservice

Foodservice Update

It’s been an incredibly difficult few weeks, which have seen unprecedented change within our industry, and our business. No one could have predicted the impact Covid-19 would have on the sector.

The world of Foodservice is in a very uncertain and challenging situation. All suppliers within the industry are working hard to minimalize any impact this can have on their customers. Thankfully by being proactive and flexible suppliers have support systems and plans in place to help mitigate impact on you and their businesses.


Bidfood on Coronavirus

Throughout the entire situation that has arisen Bidfood have been very open about the action plan taking place to help reduce impact. Recently they have given us an insight to the ongoing work they have committed themselves to. Currently in place to help support their customer base they have created a ‘Pandemic Steering Team’. By doing this they have the opportunity to work closely with other suppliers.

Alongside this they have been able to divert and also hold stock in all 24 of their depots. In addition there are also new depots set us specifically for storing stock, this allows for a ‘buddy depot’ to assist in the day to day operations.

Earlier in the year there were two things set up via Bidfood to help track and asses the Coronavirus pandemic. These included traffic light reporting to show levels of impact in conjunction with their in house risk assessments. Following these measures a new ‘Lock-down Range’ is available for prospective customers planning on isolating.


Safety First

All suppliers are taking measures to prevent the spread of the virus by following government guidelines. Hygiene standards and social distancing of two meters or more are now being issued across the country. One thing that the Foodservice industry is focusing on is their front end staff such as delivery drivers who handle goods are being given self isolation policies and instructions on reducing the possibility of infection.

To share as much information as possible a way to keep up to date on the industry is to follow industry leaders in their actions. A good starting point is the UK Hospitality Organisation which has daily Coronavirus updates for you to read, please read more here.

Please keep up to date on all Government policies and the World Health Organisations guidelines to ensure we can all weather the storm.